It’s always great to have water in a garden,it brings new life and a natural look to your garden. Listening to the sound of the water makes my relaxed.

A purple/grey flowerbed,the bright pink color of Digitalis pops out of the garden.

In this garden we see a big fat Picea tree in the centre,also in the winter this garden will keep it’s colors . The Picea,Heather (Erica-Calunna) and Ivy (Hedera) keep their leafs and needles .

Beautiful red accent of the Coleus on the left,they mix great with the colors of the flagstones. On the right a Hosta

So much to look at,this must be great gardener,i love these colors.


In the front to the right a blue Hydrangea (they do it best in shade),the red in the centre is Montbretia(Crocosmea) ,also Hosta and Viburnum tinus.

Watch the arches with the different Weisteria.

A beautifull flower-border with Lavendula and the yellow Kniphofia.

The Hydrangea Annabelle looks great with this fence.


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