Pansies are Toughies!


Pansies (Viola) are nature’s thoughies,plant them now and they go fast-forward for the next six month’s at least. Pansies are showing their lovely flowers in January and keep up appearance until late may. You have to plant them in the next weeks .Pansies are a great choice for “old-school bedding” ,but also planting them tight in a modern zinc windowbox. Viola normally becomes about 25cm high and 25/30cm in spread.

Pansies go great with all kind of spring-bulbs,tulips and Bleu Grapes (Muscari) are a great choice and don’t forget the Helleborus wich can bloom in late December and January. Forsythia,the yellow tree looks great with bleu pansies around her,also the Tulip-tree (Magnolia) can be a great friend for Pansies.

Viola is mostly grown by seeds,there around 450 species known and most of them grow in the temperate northern hemisphere. But also in the Andes and in Australia.The smell of Pansies is unforgettable (Viola Odorata).


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