Gardening in the city is populair,more and more citizens realize how important green can be for your environment and your own well-being.

It’s a good feeling to have yourself surrounded with living green,plants are fun to grow and to look at. And don’t forget how important your little garden can be for the Bio-diversity . Limited space can be a problem for Urban-gardeners but must be seen as a challenge,Urban-Gardeners are famous for their space-solutions. Aquaponics and Window-farming are breeding-methods wich are great to grow on limited space and can help you to grow food, and with Aquaponics it’s surprising how quickly the crop grows.In the U.S city-gardening is much more common comparing with Europe.In my opinion Detroit must be the World Capital of Urban-farming and New York World Capital of Roof-Gardens.Urban=Gardening and everything with it shall be a great part of this weblog.Here are just some ideas.




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