Reminder:Collect Seeds.


When you want to start a garden now is the time to start!. Everywhere in gardens and parks you can collect seeds,the only thing you have to do is open your eyes for it. If you don’t collect them the flowers will do their own job soon,they are opening their dried seedbuds and spread their seeds or the wind wiil to that instead. Annual-plants are the ones that are the most easiest to grow,but with a little more experience you can easily grow from bulbs and shrubs . Some plants that you collect are F1-Hybrides these are special bred by seed-companies and the rights are also owned by the seed-companies. The business in seeds is a big one with a lot of money going around,for example a kilo Petunia-seeds is much more worth comparing to a kilo gold. But ok,they also started small!.

After your seed-safari the first thing to do is storage!.A dry , dark and not to warm place is the best location for your fortune. Seeds can be stored between kitchen-paper are in enveloppes and boxes ,just aslong it’s dry that’s the most important thing.

Sowing the seeds in general can be done in feb/march for most annual plants . Some will need special treatment like soaking them before sowing wich,for example,is the case with seeds of the Passion Flower.Others need exposure to certain temperatures. Gardening is all about being patient and learning from mistakes.So just start and follow your Green-Instinct ,we all have it in us,just do it!.



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