heavy drinkers!

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Now is the time to collect flowers from your garden and have great decorations from them in your home.Most of time we find it rather difficult to cut them but with most plants give us in return is even more flowers. Zinnia,Tagetes,Dahlia’s,Echinops,Astilbe are just a few of the plants you can take flowers from. Some will even grow in your vase.

Before you use the flowers in any kind of arrangement it’s best that you let them soak a lot of water,put them in a bucket with (plenty of) fresh water and wait for a few hours,wrapping them in a wet newspaper and water in a bucket can also work for very floppy flowers. After a few hours you can use the flowers in your arrangement, Some flowers don’t like to much water and prefer just a few centimeters this is for flowers with hairy stems like Gerbera.Anemone and Ranunculus, also using Oasis is not a wise thing for these kind of flowers. But for most summer-flowers from your garden it’s good to add a lot of water to them. And pay attention to the water-level because they drink a lot most of the time,they are heavy drinkers.CLICK ON PICTURES


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