Garden Toppers-Arne Maynard

Arne Maynard is one of Britain’s leading Garden-Designer/Architects , on this picture we can see Arne Maynard at the moment he’s receiving his gold medal for his Laurent Perrier Bicentenary Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 in London.It’s not easy to define Arne’s Style although very recognizable , it’s more like a Chique Country Garden.His designs for borders are world-famous and a heaven for every butterfly,all the varieties are perfect chosen to fit the colors and there are always flowers blooming. In between the flowerbeds he uses trimmed ,shaped trees for the contrast and they go perfect with the Victorian borders.

Arne received a lot of compliments for his Laurent Perrier Bicentenary Garden,after being away from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for more then ten years the expectations where very high . Everybody including the Jury where very pleased by his design and the use of so many varieties of Roses.

Arne overwhelmed by all the attention; Visitors to the Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden were overwhelmingly supportive and complementary of the design. Everyone seemed to love the planting – in particular the number of roses we used in the garden, and the way in which they were trained. As I stood talking to visitors about the garden, and handing out planting leaflets, I found myself explaining the technique of weaving pliable hazel canes into domes again, and again.

Enjoy this video from James Aiken on the RHS Chelsea Flower Show,Laurent Perrier Bicentenary Garden 2012,

The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden: The Show from Laurent-Perrier CFS Garden 2012 on Vimeo.



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