“Green Indoors” best concept by far!

More citizens than ever realize the importance of living green in home,in urban areas the space for green is limited. The best solution for more green in your direct surrounding is to go vertical. More product-designers than ever make designs for plants in homes and a lot of them go vertical. One important thing for growing plants indoor they seem to forget,LIGHT!. That’s changing with the designs that we see in the last year and being published in Flora.Focus . Here i found another design for growing plants indoors. The design is from Ingela Viks and Lilna-Kai Ralvet and is still a concept. The Design is part of a DESIGNBOOM contest and let’s hope for a production-contract. As being a horti-cultural specialist with intrest in this kind of designs i am very positive about this design,it’s the most profesional solution for growing and/or keeping plants indoors by far. The lightning and water can be individual managed .




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