How Coffee became my Garden’s Best Friend!.







This summer was not my best gardening one so far. After years of not having the chance to gardening outdoors i have the pleasure of  a garden. And given this fact i wanted to do it the right way from the start. I don’t have a lot of money to spent on the garden ,but that shouldn’t the problem being a horticulture-specialist i’ve always been interested in low-budget gardening .

I bought myself a cheap plastic greenhouse for under hundred euros and purchased myself seeds, partly bought it and the rest i was given by friends.(just tell them you got yourself a greenhouse).The result where hundreds and hundreds of young plants like Tagetes,Lupines,Lathyrus,Pelargoniums,Malva’s etc.

This summer has mostly been a wet one and as a result of this there where a lot of slugs. Slugs love a moisture habitat and my garden certainly was one. The result as you can imagine , they ate about all my young plants(the bastards) and i ended up with just a few young plants i still stored in the greenhouse. I don’t want to use chemical pesticides and  all the tips in “Grandma’s home and Garden” tips didn’t help.

One other reason for not having the garden that i hoped so much for was a not water-permeable soil wich partly caused the moisture-problem. ,worms seem to love coffe .Worms are essential for a good garden, they are digging the soil and as a result the soil is more water-permeable so water can find i’s way down quicker and a less moisture-base for my little mucous friends.Worms are addicted to coffee as much as i am,so soil with coffee added to it is a real treat for them. They work hard because of all the coffee they take to them, it’s not scientific been researched but they do work harder with the caffeine , and so do i. One important thing that helped very much,SLUGS HATE COFFEE and it really worked, normally i collected about 30-40 slugs on a daily base and after adding the coffee i have about 10 slugs a week. Just mix coffee ground to the soil but be sure not to go any deeper than one foot.

On hot summer days we sometimes also have problems with ants. Thousands and thousands of them seem to occupy your garden,the solution ; coffee. Also ants hate coffee. So that’s another great advantage of using coffee ground.

And while i’m sitting here my staff of worms is still working in my garden they love my coffee and so do my plants.Coffee ground releases important nutrients as Magnesium,Calcium and nitrogen to the soil. The worms take care for a good distribution by replacing soil through their system while digging. As a result you will ad acidity to the soil  and plants like Hydrangea,Gardenia,Rosa and Blueberries are loving this.

So all because of coffee ground i have a better water-regulated soil, a free fertilizer and a replacement for chemical pesticides,Free and 100% organic.That’s all together enough reason to get myself a nice cup of coffee and sit in my garden.


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