RHS warns for Coffee.

Just a few days ago in an article i was writing about my findings on the benefits of coffee on plants. I used coffee grounds to improve my soil because i knew that coffee attracks worms,they absolutely love it, and worms are essential in a good functioning garden. I noticed that while i used the coffee in my garden the amount of daily collected slugs from my garden decreased from 25/35 a day to about 5 a week since the coffee.So after reading some more on this issue ,the conclusion is worms love coffee and slugs hate it.

A lot gardeners use coffee for those reasons, and this summer being one of the wettest a lot of us use it. But we risk high penalty’s by doing this according to rules made in Brussels. The British Royal Horticultural Society has also warned about the use of coffee by gardeners , Louise Gray ,Environment Correspondent  report on this issue in this article.(The Telegraph)


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