Plant your Spring-Bulbs Now !!

For gardeners this is the best time to purchase bulbs for the spring season. Garden-centers are showing their collection of bulbs for next year. To get yourself the best collection and special varieties now is the best time to buy.  Bulbs from Tulips,Daffodils,Crocus and Muscari can wait a while before planting them.

For other bulbs it’s good to plant them right away, letting them stay in store for to long will dry them and this will effect the results. Most small bulbs you must buy early ( otherwise the will dry in the store ) and plant right away.

Spring-bulbs for early planting are Convallaria Majalis ( lilly of the Valley ),Fritillaria,Anemone nomorosa and Erythronium. Early planting gives the best results.This is the best time to work on your spring-garden also a lot of other bulbs can be bought around this time of the year.Try something new for your next year garden.

Spring-bulbs for early planting in Autumn are ;




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