Colors of the Autumn part one.

Most people when thinking of Crocuses think of Spring,as being one of first colors that apear after a long colorless season. But there are some species that provides us from their great colors also in the Autumn.

Talking about colors ,this Crocus has Deep Sky Blue flowers,in the afternoon the flowers close.The foliage of this crocus speciosus comes and goes in spring.This is one of the easier crocuses to grow.

Crocus saltivus has a Mediterranean background and needs a hot summer for flower-initiation. She needs a rich fertile soil wich can dry out during the summer. This Crocus is more difficult to grow .The Saffron Crocus is grown in pockets of soil for a good drainage they give a small crop of the Saffron-Spice.

Colchicum autumnale is many times confused with the autumn-crocuses, but Colchicum has bigger flowers . They have 5-10 flowers from each ( poisoned ) bulb. The bulbs will also flower ( indoors ) if you lay them in a saucer with a little water . After you let them bloom indoors you can put in your garden for next year.

Sternbergia lutea brings a bright yellow color to the autumn .The flowers look like Crocuses. Many times this bulb has problems with flowering in the next years.

Other famous artists in the autumn are the Cyclamen , the garden variety is smaller in leafs and flowers and blooms until winter . The bulbs must be planted just below the ground , it’s even ok if you can see them a little bit. They do it best on a shady spot of your garden.


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