Garden Design Ideas.

The use of wood gives this garden a natural look,the main colors are white and green in this garden.Below the wooden fence you can see the rectangular container filled with trimmed Buxus ( Boxwood ). The Birch-trees and the white from the Agapanthus mix perfect.




These containers mix perfect with the platform , it’s not so difficult to make them . And a lot of variation for example with the use wood and trellis-screens wich you can buy at the bigger garden-centres .

Great idea with Cornus Twigs.

Just a great idea to give your garden that extra green look,the garden looks shady so mosses will go great here.

Going vertical can be a great solution in a small garden to keep more green in your garden, this vertical plant-wall is planted with herbs.

Great modern garden has almost no maintenance needed. Low-maintenance garden.

The terra-cotta colored fountain and the use of blue in this garden gives it a Mediterranean look.



These stones have three holes in it wich can be filled with succulents and stacked.






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