World's first Vertical Forest.

All around the world Architects and developers have plans for vertical farming,almost every major city that thinks of itself as being green have at least a plan for this. Until so far it’s a shame that these plans are only on the drawing-board of those cities.

We have a little break-through , Milan is the first city going high and green.Bosco Verticale is the name for a apartment-building being build in the city. This project has extra deep balconies , so trees can be planted.

Still not a farm but its vertical and green.And every extra green in a busy city like Milan is welcome,it’s good for bio-diversity and helps with air-pollution. And it will give the people who are going to live in Bosco Verticale a great living-environment.

This vertical forest goes up to 27 floors. We wait for the first vertical farm , but this is a great step forwards in thinking vertical.


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