Buxus is for every garden.

For a garden in a classical style or a minimalistic design  is Buxus a beloved plant by many Gardeners. It can be trimmed in any shape,it’s a strong evergreen plant. We all know the trimmed hedges of buxus filled David Austin’s lovely English Tea-roses and Alchimella mollis. Some like the smell of Buxus and others hate it. Buxus likes wet soil but is not to fond of wet feet .

It’s wise to trim your Buxus at least twice a year, half May is for most areas the best time to start . Be sure that most frost is over so the young leafs dont have the change of being frozen. The last time for trimming your Buxus is half-way Autumn , the young leafs are strong enough when Jack Frost is showing.Otherwise the young leafs will turn yellow. Don’t trim Buxus on sunny days , when the plant has full sun all the fluid-streams in the plant are on full speed to help cooling the plant down. 

During the growth you can use a special Buxus-fertilizer every two weeks, don’t exaggerate this . When you plant them in pots and containers be sure to get them wet in summer and take care of good drainage. Before frost add a lot of water to your container , this does not sound very logical but the frozen water will give the roots a great protection for freezing , because the temperature inside in higher than the cold outside!.

Growing Buxus from cuttings is an easy thing to do, be sure to take a woody part and your patience will be rewarded, because this can save you a lot of money and is a fun thing to do.


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