Welcome to the Better Gardening Club.

More and more people are aware of how important this is for our planet. So no longer any ruthless use of our natural resources , for a start use solar-lights , i must admit it’s not always possible to use solar everywhere but as a guide on your walkway it’s very practical.

Use as much native plants as you can, go on the web and look for native plants in your region. These are the plants that feel  most at their place in your garden ,think of native trees and shrubs etc. Most of the time these plants are low-maintenance and used to the amount of water.

In regions with mild winters Succulents can be the colorful touch to your garden, they are almost no-maintenance and don’t drink much.

The grass don’t have to be greener next door, perhaps next door they are smarter than you and use Decomposed Granite instead of grass. The mix of DG with Succulents and Agave,Aloe etc. can give you so much freedom in designing your perfect low-maintenance and low water-use garden.

Decomposed Granite with airy shrubs give privacy and not to much time for maintenance. Bamboo can be used in many regions and some varieties grow amazing fast.

Put shade-lovers under mature trees and use mulch to retain moisture for the plants and it returns many nutrients to the plants by decomposing.

The new sustainable School-yard ,DG between the raised beds in wich the young ones can learn to grow veggies,berries,flowers etc.

In this design water-wise plants are used in the border , the vertical lines give privacy . For watering the plants we use an Drop-irrigation system so we don’t overspray and use water in a responsible way.The pictures for this article are taken in the City of Santa Monica and are from the office of Sustainability and the Environment .


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