Pots, Plants and Pleasure.


This container is made of wood and is handcrafted from Indonesia filled with beautiful Hydrangea’s.


The yellow ceramic pots are again filled with Hydrangea.


Hydrangea’s can be put in the garden after blooming.


Viola can be planted this time of the year for flowers in spring. Ideal for a porch or patio.


Flamingo Plants-Anthurium-are strong ,the glass pots give a funny look because you can see the roots and you can check the waterlevel . Anthurium adds fresh air to your room.


A great collection of pots with Bromelia Plants.

Autumn is coming and during this season the flower-shops and garden-centers are soon offering a wide range of flower-bulbs like Hyacinth,Bleu Grapes,Daffodils etc





  1. Hello Michael,
    Thank you for showcasing your attractive potted plants. Are/Were those plants from your own collection?

    From my observation, the lady in the photo showing a great collection of pots with Bromelia Plants seems to be quite out of proportion: she is too small in comparison with those Bromeliads. I suspect that she is a figure put into the photo with the use of some photo-manipulation software.

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