Amsterdam Canal Gardens Part One.

Amsterdam-City is called the ‘Venice of the North’ and not without a reason,the city has many canals and  the sea-port is one of the biggest of Europe. The old Town is build around Dam-Square with one of the Palaces of the Queen on it.

The First canal is called ‘Singel’ and after this Herengracht ( Gentlemans-Canal ) Keizersgracht ( Emperors-Canal ), Prinsengracht ( Princes-Canal ) and the last canal the Lijnbaansgracht and Nassaukade.

You can see that the Herengracht is closer by Damsquare than the Keizersgracht, heren means Gentlemen and those where the big traders that made Amsterdam and Holland very rich in the ‘ Golden Age ‘ . The ‘ Heren’ thought they where more important than the Royal Family so that’s why the Herengracht is the Second Canal and the Keizersgracht is the third.

The Keizersgracht and Herengracht still have a lot of the original gardens from the ‘Golden Age’ . Most of the gardens could only be reached trough the Kitchens because of the houses being build next to each other.

In his first article on the Canal-Gardens of Amsterdam we take a look in some of them on the ‘Herengracht’ and ‘Keizersgracht’.


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