Hand-tied or Traditional Wedding-bouquet.

A wedding-bouquet with Ranunculus-flowers , hand tied

A lot of Peony-roses,Amaranthus and Anthirrhium

Beautiful and simple style wedding flowers , for this hand-tied only Anemone are being used.

Hand-tied bunches are in fashion for wedding-flowers lately and one of the reasons for this is because they are much more affordable comparing to the traditional-style wedding-bouquets. Traditional bouquets take a lot of time to produce , all the flowers and leafs are specially prepared ( wire-tissue-tape ). After that has been done , and that’s already a lot of work, each separate flower is combined and worked into the design that has been chosen.  The average time for a florist making a traditional-bouquet is about 2,5 hour and after this the corsages are waiting to be made and each of them made in the traditional way takes about 4 to 5 minutes each.

A simple hand-tied bouquet or bunch can be made in 10 minutes and a complex one 20-25 minutes by a qualified florist. A traditional bouquet has all the flowers taped with a wet tissue , and if well done the flowers last for the whole day .  It’s important for a hand-tied to keep it in water each time in between use.


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