Sandersonia a real Autumn Flower.

This beautiful, delicate, long lasting flower with a proven vase life of 2  ‐  3
weeks is a wonderful cut-flower and fits into any autumn arrangement or just solo.
Sandersonia aurantiaca is a genus of a single species and is clearly identifiable
by its clear orange bell‐shaped flowers which branch off a wiry green leafy
stem. Its natural habitat occurs in moist grassland with high rainfall in the
summer growing season and low winter rainfall when the plant is naturally
dormant. Sandersonia is tolerant to a range of temperature and light
conditions and is successfully grown both indoors and outdoors in many temperate and subtropical climates.



Sandersonia bulbs are hardy in zones eight and nine. In cooler climates the bulbs will need to be dug up in fall after full senescence and stored in cool, moist peat moss over the winter. Sandersonia bulbs require a chilling period during storage, so it is important not to store them in a warm place, but rather a cool garage. It is also important, however, that the sandersonia bulbs do not freeze



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