Trendy Anthurium.

Anthurium are pure, elegant, intriguing and extremely versatile. They fit in any interior scheme – be it modern, minimalist, classic, contemporary or just plain individual! But best of all is the fact that Anthurium last a long time, which makes them as equally great for impulse, for arrangements, or for corporate and hotel work  where you need long life.  All things considered, Anthurium make a gorgeous and alluring addition to your assortment. Check out these arrangements and see how different they can be.

Exceptional variation
Classics such as the bright red “Tropical” have become representative of Anthurium, but there is more, much more… Breeders continue to bring new and often surprising varieties onto the market. To such an extent that you can now choose from 175 varieties.

The Anthurium is a robust flower that your you will be able to enjoy for a long time. But as always, a little bit of care and attention goes a long way.

Anthuriums are robust flowers that will give you long lasting pleasure. They are a low maintenance flower, but they do appreciate a clean vase and clean water.

Use a sharp knife to slant cut the ends of the stems before putting them in a vase.
If flower food comes with the bouquet then use it, even though strictly speaking Anthuriums don’t need it.
Anthuriums really don’t like the cold. They prefer temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, so they will probably thrive in your living room.
Do not place an Anthurium in direct sunlight


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