Spirited Cyclamen-Indoor-plant of the month.

Every month the Houseplant of the Month appears here. It may be a newcomer , an old favourite or a special plant with unexpected qualities. But they all have one thing in common: they make life just that bit more beautiful.

flowercouncil holland

Houseplant of the Month for November: the Cyclamen
Nothing can cheer you up quite like the spirited Cyclamen. With his cheerful colours and innocent demeanour he is your best friend in dark days. But that’s not all: the Cyclamen also improves the humidity in your home. He’s a real household friend.

Helping you through the winter in comfort
The Cyclamen has its origins in Asia, but it also grows in the Mediterranean region. The plant grows on dry soil, shaded from the sun. Its red, pink or white variegated flowers form a striking contrast to its elegant, white marbled leaves. The flowers rise out of the heart of the plant in a cluster. It really is a quite remarkable.

In brief:
Position: Lots of light, but no direct sunlight.
Water: Not too much water, but not too little either.
Additional information: If the soil feels like a wrung-out dishcloth then you’ll know you’ve got it right.



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