Autumn Flower-arrangements Made in Holland.

Pansies (Viola) are worldwide available in 400-500 species.
Classic-style bouquet with a.o Chrysanthemums,Gloriosa Syringia,Graspedia.
Did you know….. Half the world-trade in flowers and plants are in Dutch Ownership.

Stylists- Wilma Mesman , Elize Eveleens , Florian Seyd , 2Dezign

Photography – Elize Eveleens , Jeannine Govaers , Wim van Zandbergen  copyright – bloemenburo Holland.

Florafocus Michael Bakker  Made in Holland

A Pansy in good hands!.
…Violets are Bleu . Or Purple.
Celosia Bombay candy. The Cockscomb flower.
Beautiful Autumn-colors in a ‘ sheaf bound ‘ bouquet.

An easy to make creation for at home.
Plenty,Sanne,Happy Hippy,Scharlachglut,Pleine de Grace and Kathleen are roses varieties for the best decorative-fruits.
Autumn arrangement with Mums and Kangaroo – feet ( originally from Australia ) Anigozanthos flavidus.

A Viola cultivar showing the large round flowers and the novel coloration that has been achieved through breeding.
Malus(deco-apples) used in a autumn-display. Malus Red Sentinel

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