The ” Orchid Shoes ” by Jan Jansen.

Last October famous Dutch Shoe Designer Jan Jansen showed his new collection S/S 2013  in his shop at Rokin in Amsterdam City-center. That’s all together not so unusual and not something for FLORAFOCUS to report about , but one Mind-blowing design  drew our attention.

As a result of a collaboration between the famous Dutch Designer and ‘Arts for Life ( a group of 40 independent Orchid-growers ) the ” Orchid Shoe ” was born. Jan Jansen , as many others , has a special love with orchids all his life and for getting in the right mood for this design he had himself surrounded by a collection of Orchids in all possible shapes and colors for a few months at his ‘ Atelier ‘ .

The ‘ soft ‘ feeling when you touch one of the flower-petals of orchids can be found in the use of suede in the shoes. The ” Orchid Shoe ” ( not much fantasy spoilt on the name ) comes in the colors Fuchia,Red,Terra Cotta,Purple and Cognac. The design is remarkable and at the same time elegant.

The shoes are in limited edition and can be purchased at the Jan Jansen Web-store and in his shops for 495 euro’s.



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