The Amazing Flower-Parade of Zundert in the Netherlands.

Flower-Parades are a Tradition in The Netherlands .Each Year every region with Horticultural roots has it’s own Flower-Parade ( Bloemen-corso ),the region around Haarlem has got it’s own Bloemen-corso and mostly with Bulb-flowers. The famous flower-region around Aalsmeer ( Largest Flower-auction in the World ) also had a very popular Bloemen-corso but it had to stop a few years ago because it came to expensive.

The area around the tiny-place  of Zundert ( population of 20.000 ) is famous for their Dahlia’s and it shows !. More than 50.000 people visit this Flower-parade completely made with Dahlia. The Zundert Dahlia Flower-parade is the biggest in the world. And is on the Unesco list of Heritage and Traditions.


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  1. We would like to attend the parade on September 2, 2013 and was wondering if we could meet some local dahlia growers. I am President of the Hamilton Dahlia Society here in Canada. How can I get in touch with local growers please? Larry Hall

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