Dutch Ammaryllis Arrangements.

Ammaryllis ( Hippeastrum ) are roughly available from September to April . Red Ammaryllis are popular till Christmas and after this the more pastel colors of this wonderful cut-flower are popular.

Most amaryllises have four flowers on a sturdy stem. Some may even develop six, which bloom in succession, a fascinating sight.

The amaryllis symbolises pride and enchanting beauty. No matter whether the flower is used lavishly or in pure simplicity, it will radiate a feeling of friendship and affection. The enchanting body symbolises pride. The flower radiates charm, filling the living environment with a sense of merriment.

The name Amaryllis is associated with the Greek ‘amarussein’, which means ‘sparkling’ or ‘shining’. The official name of the amaryllis is Hippeastrum, which stems from the Greek. Literally, it means ‘knight’s star’, referring to the star-shaped petals.

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images with kind permission of Flowercouncil Holland.

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