Orchid Design Inspiration

A Great collection of Orchids for in your home.

Orchids come in such great varieties so there’s always an Orchid that you like. The Phalaenopsis orchid for example has a family of 60 members . The Phalaneopsis orchid is also the most popular one.

One of my favorites is the Blue Vanda-orchid ( Vanda coerulea ) even as a cut-flower you can enjoy the Vanda-orchid for weeks. The Cymbidium orchids have a rich velvet look and are also available in many colors and even in different flower-sizes.



  1. Hi Michaël,

    These orchids look great. Thank you for taking and sharing the photos. Are these orchids yours?

    I grow quite a number of Phalaenopsis orchids too, including some om orange and yellow colours.

    Happy November to you and your family!

  2. Please excuse my typo: I meant “including some in orange and yellow colours”. The flowers are very long-lasting indeed! And sometimes they can flower more than once a year, up to three times.

  3. Hi my Friend, I was thinking of what a great climate you will probably have to grow Orchids!. Can you grow them outdoors the whole year round ?
    Thanks and a happy November for you and your family in Australia.
    PS Love your Blogs!!

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