Biowonder-New Green Bank in Calcutta.

“Men first make buildings and then the buildings make men” say this project’s designers. “We are an integral part of nature, every rhythm or natural phenomenon around us brings biochemical changes in our body. For example, the changes in the sunlight around us influence the ebbing and flow of hormone in our body. It controls our circadian clock (bio-clock) in or body. Similarly thousands of natural phenomenon influence our stress levels, perception etc.”


“Biowonder increases the urban greenery and helps reducing the effects of a ‘heat island’. We have to be sensitive to the environment around us. It helps in sustaining the Biodiversity around. Its floor plate orientation helps every office to achieve 80% daylight, great views in 2 directions, with green terraces and a garden attached. Let’s not forget we spend more than 70% of our waking time in our offices! Biowonder is a better expression of truth; the truth that connects us with nature.”




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