Flowers from Holland – The Auction.

Every morning at around 6.30 am most of the buyers are already in the Auction-building . This is the best time to have a walk through the trolleys with flowers so you can check the merchandise that you are planning to buy this morning as the Auction-clocks start working at 7.00 am sharp.

The biggest Flower-Auction  ( and the first ) in the world is Flora Holland with several auction around the country and the largest location in the world famous Flower-village Aalsmeer,just a few miles from Amsterdam and the Airport within 15 minutes.

The auction is a 24 hrs business during the late afternoon,evening and early night the growers ( who are also the owners of the auction ) bring their merchandise to the auction,after this during the night inspectors of the auction check the flowers and plants . They look at freshness,quality ,diseases etc..

After the quality-check the flowers get a special code ,for example A1 for superb Quality etc. Now the actual buying can take place and starts at 7.00 am. The trolleys will enter the auction – room  The auction-master tells the buyers some important details and other details will show at the clock in the same time and is done by special codes that all the buyers will understand.The demand for a special product makes the price as the pointer drops down on the big auction-clock.

At around 11.30 the auction is over and all the merchandise has to be distributed and brought to the buyers, the same afternoon all the flowers are leaving the auction building on to their clients ( exporters, wholesalers,florists etc ) and the next day they can be in your room anywhere in the world. And the auction waits for the new flowers to be brought in for the next day auction.

Growers are harvesting their flowers

A pride Growers of Veronica.
The flower-auction in Aalsmeer in one of the largest trade-buildings in the World.
Flowers waiting to be sold in the auction-room.
A Inspector of the auction checking on Quality,maturity-stage,diseases etc. before the actual auctioning.
The buyers waiting for the flowers or plants to arrive in the auction-room. Aalsmeer is a big auction where most of the buyers are big export-companies.
The auction-room in action.
This is the Plant Auction-room where buyers can switch on four auctions and buy on each of them. There are several Flower Auction-rooms and one plant auction-room in Aalsmeer.
This is the assistent of the auction-master and shows the product thats being sold at this moment.
Flowers waiting for their next owners, The logistic system after the auctioning is one of the most complex ones in the world, within 15 minutes the flowers are on the owners location in the auction-building.

source flowercouncil Holland


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