Florafocus Design Academy – Lisianthus Bouquet.

Traditional bouquet
Use lisianthus to make your own stunning, traditional bouquet in just a few easy steps. Simply follow the steps below to create your own floral masterpiece.

Make sure the bouquet is kept together loosely so that the individual elements are clearly visible before tying the stems together with a coloured ribbon. The point where the stems are tied will also act as a decorative eye catcher. The organic shape of the vase accentuates the freshness and fragility of the arrangement.



Step 1

List of materials:

White or blue organic shaped ceramic vase
Aspidistra leaf (green)
Decorative (satin) ribbon
Sprig of trachelium (purple)
Sprig of lilac (white)
Coloured birch twigs (blue)
Double-flowered lisianthus (white)
Single-flowered lisianthus (white/blue)

Step 2


Fold the aspidistra leaf into a cone and decorate using ribbon or lace. Use glue to attach the ribbon to the leaf. Wrap ribbon around the stem and pin a decorative pearl to the stem if wished.

Step 3

Fill the cone with the trachelium and lilac.

Step 4

Now add the lisianthus and birch twigs to the other flowers.












Step 5

Easy, effective and enjoyable! Perfect for every occasion. Either singly or as a group.


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