Lovely Lisi…..

All year round, lisianthus conjures up the ultimate sensation of delicate petals waving in a gentle breeze. The captivating beauty of this fabulous cut flower is often associated with happiness and  falling in love. Ever-beautiful and distinguished, in abundant bouquets or subtle floral arrangements: whether it is summer or winter, lisianthus will brighten up your life.

Originally, lisianthus was found growing wild in North America and Mexico. The plant’s habitat there is in prairies and riverbeds. The cultivated version with the botanical name of Eustoma russellianum has existed since the 1930s and is a direct descendant of the American prairie gentian.

Single-flowered and double-flowered varieties are cultivated in the Netherlands. There are numerous, beautiful varieties available and new varieties appear on the market each year. The majority of the cultivated lisianthus is exported, with the major export markets being Germany,Russia,France,Italy and the UK.

Year-round availability
Lisianthus can be cultivated all year round, and so enjoys year-round availability. The plant develops from a cutting into a flower in ten to twelve weeks.

How to keep your lisianthus fresh

Lisianthus is basically a strong flower with a long vase life. Here are some tips to help keep your flowers looking fresh and beautiful.

Use a clean vase and clean water. Badly cleaned vases contain bacteria that can have a negative effect on the vase life of the flowers.
Always add cut flower food. This will extend vase life by at least a week.
To prevent bacteria formation, make sure that no leaves hang in the water.
Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. Placing the vase in a cool place will extend the vase life of the flowers.
Avoid wide temperature fluctuations and draughts that could otherwise cause botrytis (grey mould). Lisianthus is highly susceptible to botrytis infection.
Carefully check the stage of maturity when purchasing lisianthus. The stem is mature enough if at least two blooms are open and well coloured. Immature stems will fail to open properly in the vase.

Q & A
Where can I buy lisianthus?
Lisianthus is generally on sale everywhere. Otherwise ask your florist to order you some.

Can I grow lisianthus myself?
Yes, you can – but be warned, it is not easy. Lisianthus is difficult for hobby growers to cultivate. You can only grow it successfully if all the conditions are right. The plant flourishes best in a warm, humid environment. Draughts and cold are disastrous for the plant, but bright sunlight at a certain stage of growth can also cause the crop to fail.

Can I plant lisianthus in my garden?
Many florists sell lisianthus as a pot plant. It is not a hardy plant. You can enjoy the blooms during the summer season, indoors and outdoors. However, potted lisianthus is different to the lisianthus featured in this article.. The focus of this article is on the cut flowers of the lisianthus variety./source

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