Orchids – Cattleya

Cattleya wilsoniana
Cattleya wilsoniana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cattleya Hermine
Cattleya Hermine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cattleya vilka
Cattleya vilka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cattleya aquinii
Cattleya aquinii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cattleya Portia
Cattleya Portia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cattleya vilka0
Cattleya vilka0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cattleya Enid
Cattleya Enid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cattleya bowringiana

The genus-group of the orchids is one of the largest genus-groups of the world. Today we have the knowlegde about 20.000 species and still new varieties are found on far corners of our world. Orchids can be found all over the world.


In warm regions orchids grow mostly in the trees on sprigs and twigs with their roots hanging in the air, others grow on rocks or soil.In the cooler regions in the north and south of the globe orchids grow in soil and most of these species are protected. All orchid-species in the world are protected and import/export is regulated by rules and laws .


Orchid-lovers grow them most of the time in windows or greenhouses, some species in Europe can be grown in the garden. In a lot of countries special orchid-clubs and societies are the places to learn from other ( semi ) growers.


In general orchids love light but not to much ,so better no direct sunlight. Orchids love rainwater , during winter the temperature is 9-14 dgr celc. and in the summer about 10-17 dgr.celc. .


Cattleya orchids is a genus drom 113 species living from Costa Rica into South America. The flowers of the Cattleya are real eye-catchers . Until 1980 they where traded as cut-flowers and after 1980 they where more popular as pot-plants.The size from the beautiful Cattleya Orchid is between 5-15 cm.


Cattleya David Sander
Cattleya Netrasiri doll x luke Boon
Cattleya doll x luke boon
Cattleya aclandiae
Cattleya amethystoglossa
Cattleya bicolor
Cattleya bowringiana
Cattleya dormaniana


Cattleya labiata
Cattleya labiata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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