The Monet Urban Garden in Zaandam.



My home-town Zaanstad near Amsterdam is famous for it’s windmills and the River Zaan. This area is called Zaanstreek and is the oldest industrial area in the Netherlands . Back in 1800’s there where already a lot of windmills mostly for food-production and the Wood-industry. The river Zaan was the perfect location for these windmills .

Back in 1871  Claude Monet visited this area  with his wife and son,the painter still a pupil of Eugene Baudin in these days fall in love with the river and the windmills and decided to stay here for a while.

He lived here for about four months and stayed at hotel De Beurs . In this period he made some paintings   Years later in 2011 on about the same spot a garden with his name is created by local volunteers. The initiative for this urban-horticulture project was taken by local Bas Husslage .

The Monet-garden is adapted and maintained by the neighborhood and is used by it as a cultural meeting point and for social gatherings. Old-fashionable fruits and veggies are grown in the garden inspired by Monet.

The Monet-garden is just one of the Urban Projects in Zaanstad, in the some articles to come you can see more about other projects like “De Overtuin” a project still in development. Here some pictures of the Monet-garden.


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