The Florist of Hotel Estherea Amsterdam .


Hotel Estheréa is an unique four star hotel located in the old city center of Amsterdam. The Wunderkammer’s team is responsible for the floral decoration of the communal spaces of the hotel.


Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer are both florists and decorators from the bottom of their hearts. For different reasons they grew up with a love and admiration for nature. Together with the Wunderkammers’ team, they create unique settings with elements of nature.


Florian and Ueli wish that their creative work with flowers and plants would enable them to realise each clients’ dreams and desires. Driven by their enduring passion to explore new ideas and test uncharted limits, their works have taken them all across the world. Although Ueli and Florian are not involved with the daily running of their own flower shop, they showcase and share their ideas, creations and objects of interest (collected during their many travels abroad) at the bi-annual event ‘Shop for a Week’. The ‘Shop for a Week’ is a temporary shop set in Amsterdam and only open for 10 days and each time at a new location.


Ueli and Florian use this event to express and share their creative mindsets with the hope of bringing their friends and customers a step closer to the nature they both grew to love./source





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