Sustainable Garden Design for Malibu Home.


The dry dune-soil,salt and wind make this location at the beach of Malibu,California not the most easiest one for a garden-design. Pamela Burton & Company made a sustainable garden with the use of many native plants. These native plants are the ones that are used to the local conditions , they don’t need much water and are used to the amount of sunlight. Rainwater is collected and distributed to the plants by a drop-irrigation system.


A low maintenance, drought-tolerant planting palette reduces the carbon footprint . Yellow Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos), Mexican Marigold (Tagetes) and Duranta repens ‘variegata’ were incorporated within the grass massing to create a complex salt-tolerant palette of yellows and greens. The design was executed to optimize the flowing, dramatic movement of grasses, contrasting red bark of the Arbutus tree, and seasonal color of the Kangaroo Paw.


With dry beach sand as the ground cover, drought-tolerant grass and plants were situated in a manner that accentuates the open-concept layout. The plants act as both a border and a screen, to block out unwanted views. The ornamental grass simulates the California hillside, while the bright yellow Kangaroo Paws and Mexican Marigolds catch the eyes of all, reminding residents they can have a beautiful yard while using minimal water for maintenance.









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