Flowers for the Party !.


Classic Flower-arrangments with beautiful flowers wich gives you the feeling that somebody just picked them from the garden. In my time as a florist i did a lot of party-decorations with my company.This is something every florist would like to do,every time it’s completely different . As a florist you have your own ” Style” of arranging and you have the wishes of your client and the location is very important because this must be a perfect mix.



The location and the architecture of the building is very important and a visit in front of everything can give you a feeling on wich you have to decide the choice of flowers and the style of arranging. If you as a florist can express all those things in your flower-arranging then your a pretty good florist.


Huys ten Donk ( donk is the old dutch word for a hill near the riverbank) is build as a country-house for the Family Groenix-van Zoelen,the family lived in Rotterdam and used this place for meetings with friends and business-contacts.The oldest guestbook found dates back to 1765.The house is the set for many Dutch and International Film-productions.


The garden is one of the oldest remaining landscape-parks of The Netherlands , the garden is in “old English Style ” and more than 22 hectare and called ” Donckse Bos”. The garden has a natural area,a small harbour and Event-grounds.


Florists Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer from ‘The Wunderkammer‘ made these Flower-arrangements for a private function. And looking at these floral-masterpieces you can tell that they had the perfect mix ,the flower-pieces that they and their team made fits perfect.












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