For me the growing of Tulips in the vase is one of the many charms of this typical Dutch Flower . Everyday your tulip-arrangement looks completely different . The growing is a reason for me to not mingle tulips with other flowers. Twigs and leafs are the best suggestions to mix with tulipa. And when they become too long for your idea you can always cut-off a part of the stems and ( or just not ) arrange them again in your vase.

Potted Tulipa Yellow Baby and Narcissus Tete a Tete.
Potted Tulipa Yellow Baby and Narcissus Tete a Tete.

When you buy your tulips and bring them at home , first let the tulips adjust a little bit to the room-temperature and place them still wrapped in the paper in a bucket with about 10 cm water for a hour or so before placing them in your ( glass vase is the best for tulips ) vase. By arranging them think of the about 10 cm that they grow and adjust the length.

With Tulips with
With Tulips with Narcissus Paperwhite

Tulips are available the whole year round , out of season ( march,april,may ) tulips are prepared for blooming by cool-temperature treatment .




Potted Tulips from the florist
Potted Tulips from the florist.
Parrot-Tulips and Vanda - Orchids.
Parrot-Tulips and Vanda – Orchids.



Tulips with Eucharis.
Tulips with Eucharis.

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images with kind permission of Flowercouncil Holland


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