Educational Green Roof in Chicago.

The Gary Comer Youth Center located in Chicago’s South Side , GCYC provides a safe, educational haven for inner-city youth and runs extracurricular programs to help young adults graduate high school and prepare for college and future careers.

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But out of all of the colorful colors of the center, the most dominant one is green. In 2010, ASLA awarded the Gary Comer Youth Center Green Roof with a Design Honor Award for the center’s green roof design and planting palette, calling it a ‘Rooftop Haven for Urban Agriculture‘.

“This vegetable green roof garden designed as an outdoor classroom adds an unusual dimension to traditional green roof design. A full-time gardener utilizes a planting system custom-designed by Hoerr Schaudt to teach inner-city youth methods in gardening. The garden maximizes two heat sources, ambient heat from the building and solar energy, which allows for gardening nearly all year. Soil depths of nearly a foot allow for a wide variety of plant material.” — Hoerr Schaudt Project Description./source


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  1. Great post! This is an excellent way for the youth to learn important aspects of gardening and building sustainable landscapes. I wish this was around when I was younger, maybe I’d have more of a green thumb now!

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