The Green Streets of The Pacific Cannery Lofts.

The Pacific Canary Lofts received the ASLA ( American Society of Landscape Architects ) Honor Reward for Residential Design in 2010 .The site is one of several new residential developments in this area ,These developments revitalize a neighborhood that has been neglected in recent decades.

Pacific Cannery Lofts is a multifamily adaptive-reuse development in West Oakland. The Miller Company was the designer of this project , wich used to be a industrial site. The Lew Hing Court is named for the founder of the Pacific Canning Company, Lew Hing, one of the first Chinese-American industrialists.

On several spots in the project are places created to socialize and relax . Bamboo,Abutilon,Banana-trees are just a few of the plants that are being planted  in the cosy inner-streets.

Rainwater is collected on the roofs and used for watering the plants by a drop-irrigation system, and run through the glass-rivers with LED-lightning.

Click picture for slideshow;


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