The Magical Vanda-Orchids.

A few years ago my flower-supplier showed me for the first time a box with Vanda-orchids . The amazing shape and the deep blue color make these orchids very special. For the next years my supplier had a box with Vanda’s for me every week and i had some regular customers for it. The blue variety Vanda coerulea was my favorite but Vanda comes also in Bronze,Yellow and red colors.

The Vanda Family is not a very big one within the Orchids, it has about 50 varieties but florally it’s one of the most important genus .This genus is one of the five most horticulturally important orchid genera, because it has some of the most magnificent flowers to be found in the entire orchid family. Many Vanda orchids (especially Vanda coerulea) are endangered, and have never been common because they are usually only infrequently encountered in habitat and grow only in disturbed forest areas with high light levels, and are severely threatened and vulnerable to habitat destruction.

One of the major growers for Vanda is ANCO Orchids in The Netherlands, this grower is also very active in promoting these wonderful Orchids as you can see in these great pictures wich contain work from international top flower-designers, like Daniel Ost from Belgium.

Click on picture to enlarge.

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