King George Hotel Paris decorated with Vanda-Orchids.


This time of the year was always the busiest in my Flower-business , we had a lot of five-star hotels as a customer . In the Netherlands we also have Saint Nicolas on December 5 and all the hotels wait for him to return to Spain before they put up their Christmas-decoration. So you can imagine we only had a few days starting on the night of december 5 , we had to decorate 9 hotels and the Holiday on ice event.  Decorating hundreds of trees , making Guirlandes and large christmas arrangements. I’ts a shame i haven’t got any pictures left because they went lost in a fire.

Being a florist , decorating hotels and big events are about the finest things you can do. Designer Jeff Leatham is such a lucky one . He made this hotel-decoration for the ‘Living Color’ photo-session . The location for this event is the Luxurious Four Season Hotel King George in Paris. Jeff made decorations with Vanda-orchid plants from ANCO-Orchids,The Netherlands.

Click picture to enlarge ;


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