Natural Romantic Christmas-Fair in Haarlem,The Netherlands.

All over the world retailers are putting a lot of effort  ( and money ) in creating the right christmas-mood in their shopping-malls and streets. Fortunes are spend on lightning and other decorations. Modern shopping streets and other retail places need a lot of decorating before we get into the right mood .

Other streets in old-towns across the world don’t have to so much trouble for the christmas-spirit they already have all the right ingredients and decor. One of those cities is the old town of Haarlem in The Netherlands ,the narrow streets full with lovely small shops are the right setting for a natural romantic christmas-fair. The old town of Haarlem became a city way back in 1245 and the first people lived here 1500 years before christ , so no wonder Santa Claus finds his way to this lovely christmas event.

The ” Gierstraat ” in Haarlem is one of those streets as mentioned above , a lot of small businesses with passioned owners. Durf Clothing & Home is one of those shops , the owner Fab van der Veen knows her way around in personal and home-styling. Once the youngest owner of a flower-shop in the very hart of Amsterdam, now years later, the proud owner of DURF!. The passion of the owner can be seen in the ever changing collection. From Olive-oil of a Dutch guy in Spain to hand-made Ceramics from Israel.It’s real DURF ( DARE! ).

Click on a picture to watch Slides!! ;



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