Designer Roof-Garden in New York East-Village.


Urban living is all about the creative maximization of available space; especially outdoor space. Roof-gardens are one of those options to create more living-space at your home. If possible with the construction of your house theres always a possibility for a garden on the roof , you can do this with a big or a small budget.


This design of a Roof-garden is done with a large budget, it’s a expensive design made by Melissa Baker and Jon Handley of Pulltab Design. The garden is located in New York East-Village . The owners wanted their panoramic views and privacy maximized which they achieved via strategically placed walls, canvas screens, and plantings.


Over time, the ipe decking will become gray, the Corten steel water basin will continue to rust, and the oak block will blacken.


Inspired by Italian architect Carlo Scarpa, a master of architectural detailing, Pulltab lined the framed opening of the view to the power station with a 12-inch section of gasline pipe, designed deliberately to rust onto the stucco wall.


The Corten steel screen will continue to weather and rust.


This oak-block water-feature nick-named “Chunky” who was made out of an oak block sourced from a Pennsylvania mill and can be used as a bench.source




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