Your Indoor-Plant on the Phone – Parrot Flower-Power App.

Paris-based High-tech Company Parrot  – some of us will know the Parrot Hands free sets for your mobile phone –  presents their latest gadget `The flower-Power  a sensor-driven gardening gadget that aims to help thumbs stay green on the go. Resembling a plastic plant stock, the small indoor/outdoor device gathers soil information and uses Bluetooth 4.0 to transmit it to your phone or tablet. Parameters monitored include the amount of sunlight the plant receives, environment temperature, humidity and soil salinity—a measure of how well nourished the soil itself is at any given moment.


A free app accompanies Flower Power, with an extensive library of thousands of plants to make sure even your rarest flora is kept in tip top shape. With a range of 50 feet, the Flower Power’s reach could conceivably even link to the front lawn or, perhaps more appropriately, your fire escape flower box. The low-energy sensor is ideal for those with tech knowledge and a less than green thumb. Announced yesterday at CES, expect Flower Power to be available from Parrot in the months to come./source



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