Trump Towers in Rio de Janeiro are largest Vertical Gardens (Plans).


As part of the redevelopment of Rio de Janeiro for the up-coming Olympic Games of 2016 the city invest around $10 billion in the Porta Maravilha neighborhood.  Besides new infra-structure and a new public-transport system  , five glittering garden-lined Trump Towers are going to be build in Porta Maravilha . The five towers will have lushly planted terraces on each floor, the complex appears like a blur of green from afar.

The mixed-use Trump Towers would bring shops, restaurants, wellness centers and office space to the area near the waterfront. Each of the towers will be around the same size, but their facades feature varying triangular patterns that cut away to reveal the green terraces within. At night, the lights from the building’s interior will create a green glow as the terraces are illuminated.source.






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