Ornament Your Garden the Artful Way

We all love to add art to the garden. Yet to do so correctly requires care, consideration and restraint. You want a garden that is enhanced by art but not cluttered by it, right?

As the lines between interior design and exterior design are blurred, we comfortably travel in and out of the garden. We bring the best of our landscape ideas indoors on a year-round basis, whether that means forcing branches to flower in late-winter arrangements or lining our windowsills with fresh herbs. Likewise, we extend home comforts outdoors, moving to garden rooms for peaceful pursuits or designing expansive patios to accommodate warm fireplaces or al fresco meals.

So for those with a garden lifestyle, furnishings and ornamentation have added importance, allowing us to appreciate everything from unusual artwork to flea market finds while enjoying them in relation to our plants. Here is how to make the most of ornamentation in the garden — taking an abundant approach.

Perhaps your rectangular patch of turf feels lush. But why not give it an artistic treatment, like this enticing Alice in Wonderland–inspired checkerboard of grass and concrete pavers? (P.S. This lawn is durable, permeable and decorative — not to mention mowable!)

Remember: The nonplant elements and pieces that you incorporate into the garden should be a reflection of your personal style. At the terminus of this patchwork-quilted lawn is a gorgeous contemporary water feature. Unique and functional, it balances the two-dimensional “floor” with just the right three-dimensional form.



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