Botanical Gardens Best Recipe for Winter-Blues !.

trop 1

For somel gardeners winter can be a difficult time , we need the touch of soil and the smell of fresh green. To get in touch with some nice greenery the best thing you can do is bring a visit to the most nearby Botanical Garden ( Hortus Botanicus ) . The larger botanical gardens have greenhouses where you can find a large selection of tropical plants from all over of the world.

trop 2

One of those gardens is the New York Botanical Garden with greenhouses stacked with beautiful tropical plants and butterflies.  When the weather in spring becomes better they have great bulb-gardens and a wonderful rose-garden during summer. The New York Botanical Garden has also a adventure garden,herb-garden and a large Arboretum (  The historic Conifer Arboretum features towering pines, elegant spruces, and mountain firs. )

trop 3

Check the website of The New York Botanical Gardens to see what’s in bloom this week.

trop 4

trop 5

trop 6

trop 7



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