Revitalization of Kopenhagen Neighborhood with Landscape-Design


Superkillen is a centrally located, multi-cultural, neighborhood  in Kopenhagen . This area wich has mainly a transit-function is transformed in a neighborhood with it’s own identity. Superkillen was a typical area in need for a good revitalization and The project Superkilen in Copenhagen was honored within the Institute Honor Awards for Regional and Urban Design by the National AIA Awards 2013.01-SUK_Image-by-Iwan-Baan

From the original article;

Where the historic Chinese garden features miniature rock formations of famous mountain ranges, the Japanese zen garden abstracts the sea into waves of gravel. The historic gardens in Florence or Versaille are loaden with allegorical depictions and the historic English landscape garden showcases replications of Greek ruins. We propose to employ a contemporary, an urban version of a universal garden. Familiar, yet surprising. At Superkilen, a new transfer of significant elements from other places is to give meaning and ambiance. Simultaneously, this transfer will reflect and engage the quarter’s urban reality. The furnishing and equipment of Superkilen will be a compilation from an international catalogue of elements, including international billboards and light-advertisement.
The flashing neon advertisement for a Japanese pachinko parlour astonishes analogous to historic chinoseries, while telephone cells from Latinamerica create the flicker of an illusion of a beach promenade.03-SUK_Image-by-Iwan-Baan

04-SUK_Image-by-Iwan-Baan 02-SUK_Image-by-Iwan-Baan






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