Master of Floral Decorating – Jeff Leatham

jeff 31JEFF LEATHAM, Artistic Director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, has been creating a sensation with his floral designs since he first began working with flowers at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Voted Best Hotel Florist in Europe consecutive years.
Jeff’s work is a combination of his love for flowers and his passion for design. His creations are bold statements, using shape, color and simplicity to produce a dramatic effect. Breathtaking and unforgettable, Jeff’s flowers and design essentials are always integral to the setting, never merely a backdrop Jeff’s expertise continues to attract praise around the world as seen in his first two books “FLOWERS BY JEFF LEATHAM” and “FLOWERS BY DESIGN”.

with Kylie Minogue
with Kylie Minogue

Known for his floral installations that are often compared to contemporary art, His continuous collaboration with international luxury brands has allowed him to present his work in several international design expositions around the world.
Such Luxury Brand’s as Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy, Swarovski Crystal, Givenchy, Burberry, Tiffany & Co, Waterford crystal, Dom Perignon and Samsung have commissioned Leatham’s design signature style.jeff 35

Leatham’s floral design clientele is as impressive as his work, including Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Celine Dion, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and President and Secretary of State Clinton.
Leatham had the Honor of designing the flowers for the Wedding of Marc Mezvinsky to Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Royal Wedding in Qatar.
Jeff also created the exquisite decor for the wedding of Eva Longoria.
Jeff has also recently been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show episode “Dream Jobs” and The Martha Stewart Show.

Jeff in his Home-State Utah
Jeff in his Home-State Utah

Jeff’s vases designed for Daum crystal were purchased by the Dallas Museum of Art for their permanent collection; his floral designs were also prominently displayed for the opening gala at the MoMA New York.
Jeff’s new collaboration as the Ambassador for Waterford crystal has been well received in USA and Europe and Australia.
Jeff has begun a continuous collaboration with amFAR foundation for their event designs; Leatham’s continued collaborations with charitable foundations are an important way for him to give back.
His collaboration with Hermès on the exclusive Rolls Royce Phantom for the Four Seasons George V has been well received and reviewed as well as his Design partnerships with luxury hotels and department stores on a global level.

Click to enlarge;

One of Leatham’s greatest honors was designing the first major event in the famed “Galerie des Glaces” (Hall of Mirrors) at the Chateau De Versailles, since the time of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette.jeff 1

Jeff starred in the docu-series, Flowers Uncut, which premiered on TLC / Discovery, and is aired around the world today.jeff 21

Jeff Leatham’s passion for design expands and continues to advance into product lines with his own Home / Fine Fragrance collection.jeff 20jeff 5


“Jeff’s work has redefined floral design as we know it. I see his influence in my travels all over the world. And when I don’t see it, what’s before me simply looks outdated…. His work is an art form, graphic, architectural and always beautiful. His character shines through his work and I have come to love them both!!! He is a great friend and a great artist.”

Kylie Minogue

jeff 14

“Jeff’s work is so beautiful and flawless that I feel a rush of endorphins whenever I’m in its presence. I love his magical scenes which he creates through what appears to be an effortless blending of color, dimension and texture. He is a gifted artist who truly breaks traditional notions of beauty.”
Janet Jackson

“Jeff is not a florist, he is a genius.”

“Jeff’s arrangements and floral designs have influenced the floral arrangements in my home. His designs are unusually refreshing and very inspiring.”
Tina Turner

“Jeff’s work embodies my love of colors, textures and shapes as he draws voluptuously and sensuously from a pastiche vocabulary of flowers and foliage, veritably akin to the Garden of Eden. He is a master at creating mystery and beauty and above all, sign-of-the-time elegance with the lightest of touches.”
Emanuel Ungaro

What makes his flowers so seductive is his belief that they are an artistic medium… he infuses each display with clean lines, strong colors and a lot of unspoken sex.
The New York Times Magazine

Jeff’s artistry with flowers is :
“The floral equivalent to Haute Couture-when you watch a master take a piece of fine fabric and drape it, so that it looks as through a cloud had fallen from the sky to the body.”
Suzy Menkes / Fashion Editor International Herald Tribune

Jeff Leatham TV 

Masters of Floral Design Gregor Lersch



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