The Famous Dutch Tulip-Fields.


At the end of the 16th century the first bulbs arrived in The Netherlands from Turkey. Soon the Dutch started the first  professional Flowerbulb-nurseries . The first started around Haarlem and Leiden with Lisse as the Bulb-capital in the center . The famous Dutch National Bulb Garden ‘Keukenhof‘ is also a part of this first bulb-area in Holland. Later also other areas became suitable for bulb-growing . Another big area is between Alkmaar and Den Helder during the last few decades a lot of grass for cows changed into bulb-fields.tulips-aerial_2470259k

In their search for a black tulip ( Queen of the night and Black Parrot came close ) many different varieties of the Tulip were born. Also the Dutch Trading-companies with their famous Dutch Trading-spirit discovered the tulip-bulb . The Tulip was subject of investments and speculations  and the Dutch Goverment was forced to interfere. This resulted in a lowering  of the value within 24 hrs. This period was called ‘Tulipmania’tulips-windmill_2470269k

Not only the Tulip came from outside The Netherlands but also other famous Dutch bulbs have their roots in far-away countries. Dahlia’s have their origen in Mexico and for example Freesia and Calla ( Zantedeschia ) are from South Africa . The Dutch approximation of bulb-breeding and the perfect climate and soil made Holland the biggest grower and trader in bulbs in the world.tulips-canal_2470263k

In the year 1960 the tulip-areas where around 10.000 ha with 13.000 growers and in 2010 the areas are 24.500 ha with( only ) 1200 growers.tulips-rainbow_2470256k



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    The experience of visiting Holland when the tulips are blooming sits at the top of my bucket list, along with visiting the Anne Frank museum… some day I just have to get there! In the meantime I’m enjoying this beautiful post by Michael at Florafocus. Michael’s blogs from a global gardening and design perspective and features amazing places all
    over the world. Very fun reading on a cold New England Day! Enjoy! Michele

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