Hearts and Roses for Valentine’s Day

porta 12

Today is one of the best days for the flower-business , valentine’s day became much more popular over the last few decades . And also in the countries of eastern Europe brother Valentine has became popular. At first this day was a real flower-day but later other gifts as Perfumes and DVD stole this day from the flower-industry. Flowers are still very popular but mostly in combination with other gifts. Flora Holland the biggest flower-auction is positive about new markets and let us know their’s a small growth in the flower-export . This year Flora Holland sold  115 million Roses,120 million Tulips and a 100 million other flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Flowers waiting to be sold at Flora Holland
Flowers waiting to be sold at Flora Holland

So busy days in the flower-industry , growers,florists,and auction workers are making extra hours . The most popular flowers for today are the roses with 115 million being sold , red and pink roses are most popular.One of those red roses is Red Naomi, a strong rose in dark-red. One of the growers is Porta Nova , you can see how busy they’ve been the last days.porta 5

porta 3

porta 6

porta 9

Rosa Red Naomi
Rosa Red Naomi

The heart-shape as being the symbol for love is the most popular used for Valentine-arrangements . ( CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE )


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